Fundamentals of Support Work

Professionalism and commitment are important characteristics of being a support worker. Understand your role – that is, to facilitate independence. Ensure you know your work matters because you are the driver of inclusion and access.

As a support worker, you are also stunning disability advocates in a world that needs disability awareness. Seek to understand what your client needs. If you are unsure, please ask them. Be consistent with the asking.Be selfless and genuine in your approach to care.

Your role matters. This role is challenging and rewarding as it tests your creative and inter-personal skills, it also enables you to help someone live independently. In the challenging days, analyse the situation and find a logical way to minimise the tension. Sometimes it’s better to compromise than argue. It’s best to remain humble and sincere in your works. It’s better to put someone’s needs before your own.

Sometimes you’ll agree. Sometimes you’ll disagree. But overall, it’s important to respect the other person’s opinions. You’ll be working with a diverse range of people who have different needs, but please see the client as a individual. Try not to ask personal questions. Only when necessary.

The social model of disability says we are more disabled by society’s attitudes of our mind than our actual impairment. You have to be open minded. There are times when people will challenge your perceptions. But please stick to the social model. You are best to operate under the social model of disability because it makes you question your world and how it can be more inclusive and accessible. Question the action too.

Always treat people the way you would like to be treated. Love openly and unconditionally. Treat people as humanly as possible. Respect their cultures. Pull out potential and growth in people and understand you are there to assist them in their journey.

You are a treasure to the healthcare industry. You make a huge difference in someone else’s life. Remember this.

We owe our thanks to you.. Be organised. Set goals. Achieve them. Overall, enjoy the ride of being a support worker.


Written by Jerusha Mather

Jerusha is a client of My Choice Support Network.  She loves life and is care free. She describes herself as bubbly, shy, optimistic, motivated  and friendly.  Her passions are music, neuroscience and writing, especially poetry.  When not doing these things she can be found advocating for and raising awareness of inclusion and accessibility in medicine.  Jerusha is currently doing research as a Ph.D candidate on non-invasive brain simulation and neural plasticity.

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